Sunday, 27 November 2011


19/11: Apparently -
great, don't lie fortune cookie = 'INFINITY'/10

19/11: James and I decided to not be healthy. Not even a miniscule-ist bit. So a trip to Iceland it was...


19/11: Before we went out I decided to make sure to eat something more. To avoid the chance of me falling asleep on the dancefloor yet again.. I found a packet instant pad thai thing in my cupboard, it didn't look very much like the proper thing, but was still very tasty -
no, it doesn't look anything like a pad thai I know. But I did put some tamarind and an egg in there. Which Seyna VDL kindly called curvy lumps of constipated shit. nice..
= 6.2/10

19/11: So despite eating all the above, we of course arrive at a timely 2am at the kebab house. Clearly  a popular one for the Met police force on Dalston duty. We couldn't resist and joined in.
Couldn't remember much of this = Maybe 7/10

not sure if it could really be regarded as healthy living. 
= 7/10 for effort

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