Sunday, 27 November 2011


15/11: I regularly buy this weird expandable seaweed thing from Chinese supermarkets, as it's cheap (75p) - so the expandable element makes it seem even better value. Unfortunately it comes with setbacks such as sand and salt (n.b. it is literally lifted from the sea and packaged) and in today's lunch an ugly piece of wire, worryingly disguised as seaweed itself...

Really awful, thank god I saw it before I put it in my mouth.

15/11: The days disasters continued, I should have known after seeing this pink ugly fucker of a limo en route to the Vietnamese place, that it was an omen for bad things to come..
= 'This should have stopped me'/10

This was ok, they give out big portions at least! = 5/5/10

oh my god. this was not tasty. I've eaten some shit things and this was so far from tasty!
what was benedict and I thinking...?!? I have never tasted anything this wrong!
Imagine: Gungy dishwasher tasting, piss-y yellow candle-waxy -ness
It looked rank, it tasted rank, it smelt rank, thinking of it was a rank experience.

16/11: First omelette - that didn't land on the cooker (see 4/11)
James did advise me on it. It was still mediocre. I don't really understand why..
= 4.6/10

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