Sunday, 27 November 2011


27/11: WTF is '2 casual Asian dishes' - Tell me Carina Yau? What do you mean by that?
Do i trust this girl to cook me dinner? I'll find out soon.
= 'WHO KNOWS'/10


22/11: Possibly one of the happiest days of my life. Steffi comes in with a big box of Lindt chocolates from her cousin!! Gorging ensues...
it was gone in 2.5 days = 'WISH THE BOX WAS BIGGER'/10

23/11: Boss brings over a limited edition bottle of Hennessy VX, designed by KAWS. Steffi and I plot to replace contents with a compatible dark brownish liquid. 
No acceptable or appropriate ideas for what though. Fail. 
= 0/10


James is kind of creative. He likes to exert this creativity in useless ways. Like this:

maybe next time?


20/11: All I wanted was a buffet and a roast! Simple!
my last plate, I didn't want to capture the previous ones. It would make me look bad..
not as great as I remember it to be, but there was a chocolate fountain = 8.1/10

20/11: after much dilly-dally-ing getting back from camden, I finally got home and finally got to benedict's. Still I had to wait many hours..
very tasty though. I like lamb = 9.9/10

20/11: Freeman n George showed me this monstrosity when we were on the subject of vomit on a plate.
some kind of skate carpaccio = 'NO FUCKING WAY'/10

20/11: I love Bene, she makes good cake. I don't think that's too shallow a reason to love someone.
lemon drizzle. yumyum = 'GIMME MORE'/10


19/11: Apparently -
great, don't lie fortune cookie = 'INFINITY'/10

19/11: James and I decided to not be healthy. Not even a miniscule-ist bit. So a trip to Iceland it was...


19/11: Before we went out I decided to make sure to eat something more. To avoid the chance of me falling asleep on the dancefloor yet again.. I found a packet instant pad thai thing in my cupboard, it didn't look very much like the proper thing, but was still very tasty -
no, it doesn't look anything like a pad thai I know. But I did put some tamarind and an egg in there. Which Seyna VDL kindly called curvy lumps of constipated shit. nice..
= 6.2/10

19/11: So despite eating all the above, we of course arrive at a timely 2am at the kebab house. Clearly  a popular one for the Met police force on Dalston duty. We couldn't resist and joined in.
Couldn't remember much of this = Maybe 7/10

not sure if it could really be regarded as healthy living. 
= 7/10 for effort


17/11: Outside William Curley - the pop-up @ St Martins Lane's Front Room space, which we'll be taking over in January. We had a look inside, Holly's standing there, ready to run off with some expensive chocs.. mm.. it was tempting!
Couldn't afford any truffles = 0/10

17/11: Josh n I decided to halve a Malaysian pancake we bought off the street. Filled with coconut n peanut stuff. I hardly ever use the word scrumptious, but it definitely was!
After eating it I was more upset that we'd decided to share it, so actually felt fairly miserable that Josh was still eating his bit..
= Half of 10/10

17/11: Stopped off at some fancy shop because Josh was being a nob. Obviously I'm not interested in clothes, so fortunately found a book on food. Plus side - it was on Noma, not so plus side - the food didn't look great. I like the thought of eating molecular gastronomy, less so the sight of it..
What is that?!? = ?/10

17/11: Finally we get to our late-night dim sum place.. Every time we return we arrive forgetting that the variety here is a bit shit and there's hardly enough to choose from - as opposed to the usual feeling of not being able to have everything I want when dim-sum-ing..
it was ok, nothing special. probably won't come back in long enough for me to forget the fact that the menu's shit. = 3/10

17/11: Excitement-filled day this was clearly.. Josh finds himself an urban crab near China Town. Obviously some escapee from HK Diner or something. It was missing a claw thing, which was worrying.. Still Josh played.
I can still hear the crack reverberating from when it fell back on the ground..
this was too cruel to rate = -/10


15/11: I regularly buy this weird expandable seaweed thing from Chinese supermarkets, as it's cheap (75p) - so the expandable element makes it seem even better value. Unfortunately it comes with setbacks such as sand and salt (n.b. it is literally lifted from the sea and packaged) and in today's lunch an ugly piece of wire, worryingly disguised as seaweed itself...

Really awful, thank god I saw it before I put it in my mouth.

15/11: The days disasters continued, I should have known after seeing this pink ugly fucker of a limo en route to the Vietnamese place, that it was an omen for bad things to come..
= 'This should have stopped me'/10

This was ok, they give out big portions at least! = 5/5/10

oh my god. this was not tasty. I've eaten some shit things and this was so far from tasty!
what was benedict and I thinking...?!? I have never tasted anything this wrong!
Imagine: Gungy dishwasher tasting, piss-y yellow candle-waxy -ness
It looked rank, it tasted rank, it smelt rank, thinking of it was a rank experience.

16/11: First omelette - that didn't land on the cooker (see 4/11)
James did advise me on it. It was still mediocre. I don't really understand why..
= 4.6/10

Sunday, 20 November 2011



14) 14/11 - I'm usually skeptical of veggies, but Jayga's a good one. 700g of asparagus later..
blinis not bellinis you fucking idiot = 8.5/10

15) 15/11 - I don't know what it is, but looks funny - vietnamese fishy thing
= ?/10


1) 2/11 - Thai @ Rosa's 

2) 5/11 - Gnocci for breakfast
I didn't really know what I was doing here = 4.2/10

WE DID GOOD = 20/10

4) 6/11 - My attempt at making a Korean Pancake a la Seyna VDL, turned to shit. After unsuccessfully flipping it and scraping it off the cooker, I had to fry it in 2 pans, microwave and eventually resorted to grilling it. And even AFTER all this, it was questionable as to whether it was cooked or not.

Really poor. Shamefully poor. I blame the Koreans for inventing such bad food = a minus 10/10 

Pretty, BUT NOT EDIBLE, so tell me WHAT IS THE POINT!?!? = 2.4/10

6) 9/11 - it was a throw up between a take-out-in-a-box chinese buffet or a greasy-as-fuck fish'n'chips, Steph wouldn't answer her phone so I had to solve this grave dilemma myself...
Yes! I think I made the right choice as well! But it could have done with some TARTARE SAUCE (fucking LOVE tartare sauce.. mmm) = 9.5/10

7) 9/11 - A couple of tings I saw in BUDGENS that made my stomach turn...
frozen sushi wtf!?!!! Nearly as bad as Iceland's frozen sandwich platter = 0/10

hang on - WTF - did this just win an award!!??!!

8) 9/11 - Many edible achievements on this day. But this one put a downer on it all. After an ice-cream run Benedict persuaded me to buy a spotted dick, only with the promise that I could have it with an entire tin of custard. Aunt Bessie said the best way to cook it was in the microwave, so we did. WTF! IT WAS RANK.
No amount of custard could redeem this piece of shit. = I was going to give it a score of 2/10 (for the custard), but as it didn't even look like a dick then it gets a = minus 2/10

9) 10/11 - Looks bit gross, but...
... I washed it down with a Berroca = 5 of my 5 a day = 5 x 10/10

10) 10/11 - Seyna VDL's korean pancake - see my attempt in edible landmark no. 4 above. 
 To be honest, I think this looks just wrong, a slight bit like death in a pan. Plus I didn't even taste it = 0/10

11) 11/11 - Ill with a kidney infection, so food was minimal.
= 0/10

12) 11/11 - Still had kidney infection. Decided to make a crumble with one lone apple and a bag of oats. It was crap. Imagine a 'thick apple porridge cake' - yeah fucking crap.
Illness = bad moves in the kitchen, never again = 0.1/10

13) 13/11 - Recovering from infection still. Steph sends me weird shit as usual. Physical, pictorial, conceptual. 

She even hides in my bed to surprise me. Aren't I lucky = 100/10