Sunday, 27 November 2011


17/11: Outside William Curley - the pop-up @ St Martins Lane's Front Room space, which we'll be taking over in January. We had a look inside, Holly's standing there, ready to run off with some expensive chocs.. mm.. it was tempting!
Couldn't afford any truffles = 0/10

17/11: Josh n I decided to halve a Malaysian pancake we bought off the street. Filled with coconut n peanut stuff. I hardly ever use the word scrumptious, but it definitely was!
After eating it I was more upset that we'd decided to share it, so actually felt fairly miserable that Josh was still eating his bit..
= Half of 10/10

17/11: Stopped off at some fancy shop because Josh was being a nob. Obviously I'm not interested in clothes, so fortunately found a book on food. Plus side - it was on Noma, not so plus side - the food didn't look great. I like the thought of eating molecular gastronomy, less so the sight of it..
What is that?!? = ?/10

17/11: Finally we get to our late-night dim sum place.. Every time we return we arrive forgetting that the variety here is a bit shit and there's hardly enough to choose from - as opposed to the usual feeling of not being able to have everything I want when dim-sum-ing..
it was ok, nothing special. probably won't come back in long enough for me to forget the fact that the menu's shit. = 3/10

17/11: Excitement-filled day this was clearly.. Josh finds himself an urban crab near China Town. Obviously some escapee from HK Diner or something. It was missing a claw thing, which was worrying.. Still Josh played.
I can still hear the crack reverberating from when it fell back on the ground..
this was too cruel to rate = -/10

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