Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Cox Cookies and Cake

Having heard whispers of the tasty delights at Patrick Cox's latest endeavour, we at Crane.tv couldn't contain ourselves and headed straight to sweet heart of it all: Cox Cookies and Cake. At first we thought, 'had we stumbled into a West End theatre?' its walls, moodily enveloped with shimmering discs, 'or is it soho?' glimpsing at the neons exaggeratingly highlighted against the dark backdrop, the mirrored ceiling ensured thoughts of 'sex club vibe' crossed our minds.

The sound of Cox's voice cut through our mental wanderings. After 20 wild years at the crux of the fashion world, the acclaimed shoe designer expressed that all he wanted was "to have fun again." And fun it is. Amongst the vast selection of treats, we're enthusiastically introduced to the Skull, Kiss and Pop designs. Cox jokingly describes how as a fierce monarchist, a Queen cupcake is next in line and later chuckles over how certain 8 year-olds have obsessions over his Boobie cake. At the start Cox had a visual idea and knew exactly what he wanted, but it was only after brainstorming and working with patissier extroadinaire Eric Lanlard behind Cake Boy Bakery in Battersea, did dream become reality.

"You walk into the store, you get two messages: It's black-and-sexy and it's neon." Relating to the design of the store, Cox's aim was to make it sexy, urban and in some cases - pointing to the Skull cakes - masculine. His winning formula combines a simple, clear design language, with select artworks suitably created for the store by equally celebrated friends, such as Tracey Emin's "I Keep Haunting You" scribed in neon across a wall.

Comparing the act of selling cakes with that of selling shoes, "it's the same look when I sell a girl a pair of shoes: really happy and thrilled." He reveres in the expression on all people's faces when they look at the counter, "my favourite reaction is when they come into the store and they smile." With these miniature works of art-cum-guilty pleasures flying out of the store, Cox has especially designed an extra Elton cake for World AIDS Day on December 1st, all the more reason to indulge yourself and all for a good cause.

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